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Vanhemman puoliautomaatti moottorin ruuvisarja koneisiin missä käytetty "ristipää" ruuveja.

Sarjassa mukana:

-  3x m6x12
-  2x m6x16
-  5x m6x20
-  2x m6x28
-  1x m6x36
-  7x m6x40
-  1x m6x50
-  2x m6x56
-  4x m6x63
-  6x m6x65

Valmistajan tiedot:

This perfectly zinc plated Phillips 3 engine screwset is for the Horizontal OHC 50/70 engine models!

No shortcuts where taken in development of these kits, all lenghts are exact as the partslist specifies, and all screws have the correct outer diameter "PH3" pan head.

The quality of these screws exceeds the standard, because these screws are made in 8.8 grade instead of 4.6 grade.
By doing so the PH3 heads will not be so easily damaged or broken off.